maybe you just need a change of scenery or you want to visit the family.



maybe you just need a change of scenery or you want to visit the family. So, if you have decided to travel with your twins, then think positively: you can do it!

Still, some people will tell you that traveling with twins is a nightmare. Do not be confused, stay positive and organized. Then the journey will be as stress free as possible.

Prepare for the ""worst case"" of bad weather, delayed flights and traffic jams - and look forward to seeing nothing of it.

Should I take somebody for help?

If your partner can not attend or you are a single parent, then you should actually think about who might accompany you. It really makes a big difference to be alone in every situation or to have someone to support you with.

For example, it could be that you can not travel by yourself if you're traveling with two babies under six months old. Most airlines have the requirement that at least one adult must be present per baby.

If you are a couple, you can bring two buggies, which is very convenient. For example, you can use them on the move as:

  • High Chairs
  • Quiet, Safe Retreat
  • Lying for Lunchtime
  • Baby Utensil Storage Area

They also fit in corners you're into with a twin -Buggy can not get in, for example, in public toilets or on narrow sidewalks.

You can borrow two collapsible buggies or buy two inexpensive models if your twins are around three or six months old - depending on the model. Newborns can not be transported in these buggies, they need a firm, even lying surface, which should also be upholstered. Also make sure that the buggies have a sunscreen.

What should I bring with me as provisions?

You're already experienced in packing everything you need for snacks and drinks when you're out and about with your twins for a day. That's just as important when traveling. Do not forget accessories like spoons and cups. It's best to choose a bag with many compartments to keep everything handy.

Depending on how old your babies are, you could bring along the following snacks:

  • Raisin Packs
  • Fruit Bars (no sugar)
  • Rusks
  • Rice Crackers
  • Water
  • Fruit
  • Carrot sticks
  • sandwiches
  • fruit pulp
  • enough diapers
  • a damp cloth in a plastic bag or wet wipes for dirty fingers
  • a bag for garbage

What else should I pack?

Make a list of all the things you need on the go. If you are traveling abroad you might need:

  • Batteries and a converter for the babyphone socket
  • Mosquito net
  • Children's passports
  • Travel blinds for darkening
  • Sun protection
  • Milk food or baby food
  • Emergency Phone Numbers

Also check out our Baby Packing Packing List to make sure you have everything in mind.

Are you staying in Germany?

A holiday in the home country can be quite nice. Even if you're more into the southern sun, with little twins, you may spend most of your time keeping your babies out of the strong sun.

Many parents find it less stressful to go on vacation by car than to fly. Also with the luggage you do not have to restrict yourself as in a flight.

If you just need a change of scenery, then a place that's about an hour's drive away is ideal. This is far enough away to be in a completely different environment, and you do not have a grueling ride with possibly travel sickness or bad-tempered children. It's probably only an hour to endure singing children's songs …

How do I get the check-in at the airport stress-free?

One important point: Allow plenty of time. Then no stress breaks out when one of your babies - or both - need a new diaper at short notice.

Expect slightly higher costs to park closer to the airport. Or one of you gets off at the terminal with the twins and the other parks the car and brings the luggage.

Two babies, luggage and a crowded airport bus, you should rather not do - if you do not want to start with a headache vacation.

Normally you can use the buggies right up to the entrance of the plane and you will get them right there. It is best to first inquire about how your airline is handling this.

What about the luggage?

Since it's probably not easy to buy forgotten equipment locally, it's important not to forget anything.

Since luggage is often lost, you should have the most important items in your hand luggage for emergencies. Incidentally, the restriction on liquids on board does not apply to baby food. Often you can also pre-order baby food at the airlines. Otherwise you need (depending on the age and diet of your babies):

  • breast milk pumped out, if you can not breast feed two babies at once and feed the little ones stress-free, milk formula
  • boiled water in a water bottle
  • wipes for cleaning
  • Changing Clothes
  • Lots of Diapers
  • Toys

Babies under the age of two usually do not have their own baggage allowance, so you might need to pay something.But that makes sense, because you want to have your favorite diaper brand, the usual milk formula, the jar of porridge and the cream for diaper rash. The chance to get exactly these things at the resort is rather low.

Still, you should not go crazy if you've forgotten something. As a BabyCenter mother put it: ""If anything is true for any country on earth, it's the children growing up there."" Most countries, especially in Europe, will have something similar in the supermarkets that you normally use.

Keep passports, tickets, boarding passes and your wallet handy. You should be safely kept in your purse, but if possible not under mountains of other things. A small shoulder bag, which you can wear directly on the body, can also be helpful. Everything else such as diapers, toys, food, spare clothes, etc. can then be stored in your actual carry-on luggage.

Check twice if you're on your way to the right gate. Having to run down the endless corridors with a baby is bad enough, with two being a horror trip.

What's the easiest way to get on board with two babies?

Although airlines are the first to bring in families with small children, this may not be the best thing for you - it increases the time spent on tight places. You can also send your partner with the bags in advance and you stay out with the babies as long as possible and then get in last.

Check in advance for seat occupancy rules. Sometimes only one baby per row may sit, due to the provisions on the oxygen masks. This could mean that you and your partner can not sit together and everyone has a baby.

Another question is where to place the baby cots anchored to the wall. Accordingly, you would then have to book your seats.

Is there help on board?

Some passengers are already stressed out because of the fact that they have to fly so they will not notice when they have problems with their two babies. Nevertheless, you should ask them for help, because maybe they are also grateful for the distraction.

For example, you might want to be careful about getting blankets or maybe going to the bathroom. You should not be embarrassed to sing or play games with your children. Maybe somebody who likes to take over the entertainment program for some time can be found.

If older children are on board, they often like to play with babies. And their parents are probably also happy when their children have found employment.

The cabin crew can ask you to warm your glass of food and vials, and it is also possible to heat water for baby food.

What else do I have to think about?

It's probably better for you to book a scheduled flight instead of a charter flight, if that's affordable for you. If it happens that you have used up all your diapers or food, you can expect the big airlines to help you out.

Make sure you have enough change clothes for your two children. If the diapers have not kept close or your twins have to vomit and some of it lands on their romper, you have a real problem if you can not move them.

Shorten the fingernails of both before you start. This way you can prevent your neck from being scratched when two lively children play around on your lap.

Washing powder, a string and a few clothespins should also be in your luggage, because the amount of dirty laundry will be the same as at home!

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