Well-being calendar: 1st Trimester

The ultimate pregnancy to do list First trimester- pregnancy- pregnancy test (January 2019).


The first few days

Relax right from the start …

Give in to your desire to pamper yourself. How about reserving an evening a week to light some candles, get a hot bath, and enrich it with fragrant lather?

Then use cocoa butter to make your skin feel soft and smelling gorgeous. Buy a new, silky dressing gown and a good book to relax in the evening.

Read our 10 steps to a healthy pregnancy and get off to a brilliant start in the next nine months!

Escape everything

You're at the very beginning, so it's a good idea for you and your partner to plan a romantic getaway before dedicating your family. Enjoy the time together before you are three. If you already have a child, you might be able to come up with some nice things that you can do as a family before you have to take along that double amount of kids stuff.

Read our article Traveling in Pregnancy as a suggestion.

Write a Journal

Have you ever thought of keeping a journal of the pregnancy? Buy a pretty book that you always have at hand whenever you want to record your thoughts. Writing about your feelings can be very therapeutic and rewarding - and a complete protocol will be a very special gift for your child in later years.

Week 5

Get a Massage

If you have a headache caused by an increase in hormones, or if you need assistance to relax, treat yourself to a massage. If this is not possible, ask your partner to slowly massage your back, shoulders, and head to release the tension.

Enjoy going to bed early

You may feel very tired and exhausted now. Try to go to bed early, at least on a specific evening of the week. Even if you can only sleep much later, relaxing with a book or a movie helps to recover from the day. Turn off your phone, forget about your work and tell yourself that this is YOUR time. When the baby comes, sleep becomes very precious - enjoy it as long as you still can.

Week 6

Going to the Fresh Air

Aside from other positive things, doing sports at this stage of your pregnancy gives you:

  • more energy
  • better sleep
  • more complacency
dating This week, join a loved one for a long leisurely walk in the countryside.

Exercise may help you regain your figure more quickly after birth - and it does not have to be exhausting. Read about the benefits of sports during pregnancy and familiarize yourself with the recommended sports.

Nourish Your Nails

Paint your fingernails in a new bright color that you like. Do not neglect your toes - painted toenails will make your feet look more appealing. If you prefer a more subtle look, try a pale pink or neutral beige, or opt for a clear sheen instead.


  • Keeping your nails under running cold water when the paint is still a little tacky will speed up the drying process.
  • Nails are much easier to cut and the cuticles are easier to push back when soaked in the bath.

Week 7

Let's Make You Laugh

Order tickets for a comedy in your area and have an evening chat with you and your partner. It's amazing how real laughter can release the tension and give you the feeling of being cheerful and completely positive.

Eat Well

Become acquainted with our nutritional advice during pregnancy and get good eating habits at this early stage of your pregnancy. Our article on nutrients and vitamins gives you tips on which foods are important for staying strong and healthy.

Week 8

Buy Pretty New Underwear

Your breasts can now grow fast and feel sensitive or sore. This is a good moment to invest in a new bra. A proper fitting in a department store or lingerie business will enable you to find the ideal size with the optimal support. If you are there, you should also treat yourself to matching panties.

Read our article to see if it's safe to wear underwired bras during pregnancy and check out our maternity wear section for a few ideas on where to buy underwear.

Using a Facial Mask

When these troublesome hormones cause you blemishes, invigorate your skin by pulling on the curtains, closing the doors and spending half an hour under a face mask. If you are in a generous mood, sign up for a facial.

Week 9

Get active!

You may feel exhausted this week and getting through a normal day at the office could be like a marathon. The thought of removing the sneakers or squeezing into your swimsuit may be appalling, but if you can stand to do some exercise, visit our fitness section during pregnancy to find safe ways to get your muscles, yours Can promote strength and endurance. A little exercise could boost your declining energy level and also boost your physical appearance.

Book a Vacation

Your second trimester is a good time to go on vacation. What are the arguments against booking a holiday for a later period of pregnancy, when your energy level is lower and you do not feel so bad anymore? BabyCenter has lots of helpful information about traveling during pregnancy. Go to the main tour page. There are more articles and frequently asked questions about traveling during pregnancy.

Week 10

Buy New Shoes

If you ever needed an excuse to buy new shoes, have them now! Your feet feel tired and swollen and high heels are not exactly helpful. Pick a pair of elegant flat shoes that will match many garments. Leather ballerinas are available in many colors and they look fantastic on skirts, pants or jeans, but comfortable suede boots are just as versatile. From sports shoes there are also fashionable variants, which usually look much fancier than proper training shoes and they are perfect for long walks or for the weekend.


  • Look for shoes with a grippy sole - you will not slip so easily when it's wet or muddy.
  • Natural materials allow your feet to ""breathe"" unlike synthetic ones.
  • Buy shoes in the afternoons Shoes you try on in the morning may not feel so comfortable later when your feet are swollen
  • It is not necessary for the shoes to be completely flat, of course you will not want to pile up on stiletto or stiletto heels, but wearing different heels every day can prevent too much pressure on your back.

Enjoy the Miracle

If you feel you are more bloated than blossomed by your pregnancy then cheer yourself up: read our article ""50 Reasons Why It's Great To Be Pregnant,"" and discover Why pregnancy makes you feel good.

Week 11

Enjoy a day out with friends

Spend a day with your best friends, doing things harder to organize are when the baby is there. Take a look at a museum or gallery, go shopping, visit a spa or leisure center, have lunch, go to the theater - whatever you want!It does not have to be expensive. Just make sure you enjoy it all and remember it.

Remember to rest every few hours and keep your blood sugar level constant with fresh fruit and other small snacks.

Go swimming

Swimming is a great way to keep your pregnancy healthy, as it trains your arms and legs, strengthens the cardiovascular system and allows you to feel weightless in the water. If you feel like it, swim extensively in the pool near you this week and reward yourself with a delicious snack.

Week 12

Love yourself!

As you get used to the role of the future mother, you may find that you are gaining weight and your face shape is changing slightly. So instead of worrying, you should accept this! Emphasize your new curves and décolleté and tell yourself how beautiful you are.

A mother at BabyCenter believes, ""When you look as good as you can, you ALWAYS feel better and get nice comments from other people who make you feel good. "" This is true. But if you do not feel like decorating and cleaning, do not do it. Feel well and happy. It is important that you feel comfortable, even in casual clothes.

Make a Hair Conditioner

Spoil your hair with a particularly nourishing hair conditioner this week.

You can use it after your regular shampoo. Comb your hair and let the conditioner flush for a few minutes. Rinse your hair carefully and admire the beautiful silky sheen.

Week 13

Discover New Music

This week, you could reserve some time to browse new music in your favorite shop, or download an album you've been wanting for a long time. Tell yourself that you always want to hear it when you sit down and relax. Light a few candles, make yourself comfortable while the music is playing - this is a good way to switch off. And in the following years, when you hear these songs again, you will always remember those very special first weeks of your pregnancy.

If you can not spend a lot of money right now, you can borrow a CD in a library for free or for a small fee.

Let's beautify you

The next time you're in town, you could go to the department store's cosmetics department and be flattered for 20 minutes by someone with a free embellishment. The more expensive cosmetics departments usually have a salesperson who will introduce you to the products, and there is no obligation to buy anything.It may just give you a suggestion to change your routine or how to emphasize your best qualities.

Feel-good calendar: 2nd trimester

Feel-good calendar: 3rd trimester

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