Twins - buy everything twice now?

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if you're expecting or just got twins, you're probably wondering what exactly is your question shopping now and in the future. Everything twice or not? Under the keyword ""Gemini"" you will find a lot of accessories and accessories especially for two little ones in online shops.

Here you will find a list of online shops especially for twins

Many Gemini accessories are very useful, sometimes too Nevertheless, you do not have to buy everything in a double pack.


It's time to set up the nursery, where you can save a lot because you do not need everything twice (such as a baby changing table). But there are a few things you should already have for every child - saving money, but in the right place!

Every child needs their own sleeping place with the corresponding accessories, not to forget the cuddly toy Cribs are recommended, and experts advise against having twins sleep in a shared bed.

For those with limited space or children like to sleep close together, there are twin weighing. However, only those who really have a separate bed for each child are recommended.

Unfortunately, babies have outgrown the weighing age very quickly. If you want to save money, you can rent a bassinet or cradle. You can find more on www. more nerds. DE: Bed linen and fitted sheets, music boxes or colorful mobile bedchambers are useful gifts that your relatives and acquaintances can enjoy twice as much. Do you want the same or different models: damage is the variety neither you nor the children.

Whether two nurseries are or should be from the beginning depends primarily on your space. Own rooms have advantages, especially for the little ones and for teenagers.

Advantages of own rooms :

- Small children with different sleep patterns do not bother each other.

- Older children have their own (free) room in their own room.

A common room, however, is recommended by professionals, especially in kindergarten and primary school age.

Advantages of a common room :

- Younger children love bunk beds and the question ""Who sleeps upstairs, who downstairs?"".

- Double or bunk beds save space and money.

- Children love closeness: The presence of the sibling calms above all

anxious children.

If two children's rooms are available and the siblings like to sleep in one room, the rooms can also be divided into bedrooms and playrooms.

Breastfeeding Supplies

Breastfeeding twins is a special challenge. Twin cushions are useful for anyone who wants to breastfeed both children at the same time. These C-shaped cushions are extra long and allow you to comfortably put a child on both sides.

Many mothers abstain from twin cushions because they prefer to nurse the children in succession. Although this is more time-consuming, it offers the opportunity to respond to each child individually.

Nursing Accessories

A baby changing table with sufficient support is sufficient. Always put enough diapers, cloths, oil and cream ready and wrap the children one after the other and when needed. Pay attention to the safety of even those babies who are not being wrapped. It is best that it is in the cradle or on the playmat and you have visual contact. Never leave the baby being wrapped alone on the dresser. Always stay close to it and take it with you when you have to turn to the other child or even leave the room. More wrapping tips can be found here.

You can buy care utensils such as combs or brushes twice, but confusion in the rush of everyday life can not be ruled out, and you may also think that your children do not need them individually, at least when they are still babies.

Some vendors offer extra large diaper bags or practical backpacks to pack enough diapers, cream and oil for two or more children. Twin bags have side pockets for two bottles of milk and several practical inner compartments to stow the numerous items. Examples of this can be found both at www. more nerds. de as well as at www. twin castle. see.

Extra-large twin bathtubs are a funny idea, because together you can enjoy the soothing wetness twice as well. Unfortunately, you only have two hands and can only hold one baby. Safety must be done! Your partner should definitely help you with swimming, or you only ever bathe one at a time. Once your babies are big enough, you can all splash around in the large family tub.


Apart from the beloved cuddle cloth or cuddly toy, not every twin has to have his own toy right at the beginning. You can spare your already strained purse and make some purchases for both children together.

Because children, even twins, rarely play with the same things. While one might be more interested in puzzles, the other may prefer to paint with crayons. It is important that your twins can train and demonstrate their personal abilities independently.And with a set of building blocks, both can play together.

Other benefits of shared toys are:

- Children learn to share.

- It's easier to clean up together.

- dispute over ""mine"" and ""yours"" is avoided.

Only later will there be things that every child has to keep to themselves, of course, their own bike or scooter, for example.

Child car seats

Car seats are recommended for the first few months, which can be converted into a buggy. They save the laborious carrying of the baby bowls on short ways, which will ""ease"" twin parents, but the seats should not be used as a seesaw or a stroller replacement, as they do not have a flat surface for safety reasons.The company Storchennest offers mobile baby car seats for twins and multiples To:

Twin clothes - yes or no?

Every child needs their own clothes, logically, but it must be exactly the same piece for twins, at most still different in color, such as purple-pink for the girl and blue -green for the boy?

The answer is: It can, but it does not have to be, it also has benefits if every child has their own collection.

Children do not care about babies and toddlers themselves From the kindergarten age, children develop their own taste and thus their individuality, which speaks for different clothes Of course, special occasions are always possible. Ultimately, of course, it's a very personal choice how to attract your kids.

What do you think about the same clothes for twins - tell us what you think in the BabyCenter survey Twins look - yes or no?

Strollers and Accessories

Twin strollers are essential for the walk and the shopping tour. The range of double-seats, tandems and buggies has grown considerably in recent years and the selection is accordingly large.

For jogging and cycling parents, Baby Jogger has a handy bike trailer for twins or siblings that can be turned into a jogger. This model you can at www. examine zwillingsburg

The matching accessories can be purchased to match the selected model, from umbrellas and sheepskin bags to safety belts, the range now also in a double pack. Extra-large shopping nets for twin strollers with seats next to each other fit over the entire side of the car and allow the bulk purchase for the multiple family. This net and various other accessories are also offered at Zwilling Castle.

Slings, Carrying Sacks

If you prefer to carry instead of pushing, you'll love a twin carry bag. However, it only makes sense in the first few months, as the children then become too heavy and too big.

Benefits of Twin Carts :

- Some everyday situations are handled better with a carry bag or cloth than with the large twin car, for example, you do not have to shuffle in shops with narrow aisles Mother or father does babies well, especially premature births (and that's most twins) need closeness.

The Weego TWIN carrying bag is also suitable for preemies (from 1,600 grams). He has two carrier bags and allows to carry both children in front of the belly. He is suitable until the age of 5 to 6 months. The company Didymos (which is Greek for ""twin"") offers slings in various sizes. Experienced and skilled can wear twins or even younger sibling children in a cloth at the same time.

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