The 10 Best Travel Tips for Pregnancy

Are you considering putting on a relaxing ""baby moon"" before your baby is born? Here are our tips for a happy and relaxed journey.

first Choose Your Destination Carefully

Holidays in Europe are ideal for pregnant women as they do not require long trips. Long-haul flights can be very stressful and uncomfortable during pregnancy, and there are so many great destinations closer to home.

Ideally, you should choose something that is achievable with two to three hours of flying. If possible, avoid a long transfer from the airport to the hotel. Alternatively, you can include a few nights in your trip to tackle them in smaller stages.

You'll be able to enjoy your vacation more if you know there are good shopping and medical facilities nearby. Now is not the time to make adventure holidays away from civilization. Inquire online about what options are available at the resort.

If possible, you should avoid vacation areas for which you need a vaccine during pregnancy. Destinations where there is a risk of catching a mosquito-borne malaria, dengue or zika disease should also be excluded.

If you decide to go for a risky holiday destination, it's best to talk to your doctor first. He can give you advice on preventive measures and tell you which vaccines are safe for pregnant women.

second Prepare In Advance

With a bit of rough planning, you can make the most of your trip. For example, make a list of the things you want to take with you. Below are many more practical hints.

Take enough time to travel. These include regular breaks for you, toilet stops and enough time for any delays that may occur.

If there are any delays during your trip, just use them for a little break or even a quick nap. Take a travel pillow with you to make yourself comfortable on hard chairs or to rest your head during long waiting times.

third Carefully Pack Your Suitcase

In pregnancy it is even more important to take care of your comfort. The right shoes, clothes and items can make a real difference.

If you like running a lot, you need comfortable shoes or sneakers. The best ones that are easy to put on and take off if you find it difficult to bend over.

Some blister packs in your luggage can not hurt, because even comfortable shoes can cause bruises if your feet are swollen. Flat shoes, for example, ballerinas, are usually comfortable to wear and chic enough for holiday evenings. Of course, they are not suitable for longer distances because they offer too little support.

If you're traveling for more than two weeks, you'll need clothes that will allow your baby bump to grow. Most swimsuits for pregnant women are already designed to accommodate a growing baby bump, but this may not be your favorite cotton dress!

Take clothes to keep you cool on hot days and light layers of clothing to keep you warm in the event of the evening's temperatures dropping.

4th Enjoy the Journey

Whether you travel by car, train, boat or plane, there are a number of simple things to help you make your trip enjoyable.

Try to do some simple stretching exercises about every hour. This helps against swelling and cramps in the legs. Get up whenever possible and take a few steps. When driving, you should take a break after one and a half hours at the latest.

You can also wear compression stockings (air socks) to help with the circulation of your legs on long trips. If you get back pain, you can use a pillow or a rolled up sweater to support your lumbar spine while sitting. And most importantly - always take plenty of water and snacks with you when traveling.

5th Let go

Pregnancy is the perfect reason to slow down and enjoy a bit of real relaxation.

In the past, you may have been on an adventure holiday, long shopping trips or endless sightseeing tours. Try to take a break during pregnancy and avoid these strenuous activities. You will feel better when you get a lot of rest and save enough energy to fully enjoy your vacation.

Schedule several times of rest during the day, in a place where you can put your feet up and relax. Just sit still, pick up the atmosphere of the place and recharge your batteries.

Do not be afraid to tell your travel companions when you're tired and need a break. Make the most of this special time and make sure your comfort is our top priority.

If you're starting to feel exhausted, maybe an hour of beaching, a round of relaxed swimming or a warm bath and a little room service might be the right thing to do? Once your energy returns, you can enjoy the holiday trip much more.

. 6 Eat with Joy

Travel is great opportunity to try different dishes and follow a more varied diet.Delicious fruits, freshly baked bread and spicy dishes are some of the highlights of any trip. A few extra precautions will help you feel comfortable during pregnancy and indulge in the local flavors.

Eating healthy food is often easier than at home. Eat as much fruits and vegetables as possible. This provides you with plenty of vitamins and minerals and also helps to prevent constipation. If you do not know how safe the water is, you should avoid raw vegetables and eat fruits that you can not peel yourself.

Pile up your carry-on luggage with many healthy snacks. Dried fruits, cereal bars and wholegrain biscuits are particularly suitable for this purpose. In this way, you always have something tasty to hand, no matter how many delays there are.

If it is important for you to eat certain things that may not be available at your resort, just pack a large supply in your suitcase. It's better than feeling hungry and sick on the way. Pay attention, however, to the import regulations in the country in which you want to enter!

In pregnancy it is especially important to drink a lot of water. This prevents dehydration. Always carry a bottle of water with you on holiday and take a sip regularly. This also helps against nausea.

. 7 Take Regular Breaks

With all the hard work it takes to grow a baby, it's normal for you to feel exhausted faster than normal during your pregnancy. Use your holidays to catch up on some sleep. And you do not have to be embarrassed if you take a break as soon as you need one - that's what the holidays are for!

Always remember to rest does not mean missing something. It gives you the energy to go exploring for a few hours. It's much better than just feeling limp all the time. And do not forget - pregnancy is the time to put your feet up, in the true sense of the word, because it prevents swelling.

You'll need more rest during pregnancy than usual. Pack a few antibacterial wipes if you are worried about hygiene.

. 8 Try New

Pregnancy is the right time to slow things down and try a more leisurely vacation. You can still do many different things. The relaxed attitude can even help you try out things you've never thought about before!

The most obvious way to enjoy the holidays is to feel liberated from everyday worries. Go to the beach or into the countryside and consciously take in the new and beautiful views.And if you feel like it, why not discover the next city, attend a show or read a really good book?

When you feel the urge to move, try gentle activities such as yoga, pilates, swimming or walking.

Now is also the time to do things that will be more difficult once your baby is there. When traveling with your partner, enjoy a quiet, romantic dinner in a beachfront restaurant. And if you're traveling alone or with friends, why not spend a relaxing day at the spa? However, you should tell the therapist which week you are pregnant.

If you feel like trying out a particularly stressful sport on holiday, it's a good idea to talk to your doctor first.

. 9 Use Your Common Sense

Of course, there are activities that you need to avoid when you are pregnant. This includes everything you can fall into, such as snowboarding, horse riding, water skiing and climbing.

Even dives and other sports that require compressed air are taboo. Better go snorkeling - that's safer (and cheaper).

Amusement parks are great if you also have to employ an energetic child. The mind should use but when it comes to fast rides or water slides. Hard landings, sudden stops and starts are not good for you or your baby.

Hot baths or pools are good as long as they are not too hot. Avoid using whirlpools and sauna, as overheating during pregnancy can be dangerous.


Be careful not to be embarrassed if people are more likely to address your baby bump than your face. Pregnant women are the center of admiration and attention, especially in Mediterranean countries. They will certainly be treated very friendly.

In general, you should try to enjoy the teasing as long as you are on vacation. Rejoice over offered seats and stalled doors and do not be too shy to accept offered help too.

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