The top 100 most popular boy names in 2016

Most Popular Baby Names – Top 100 Baby names list from around the World! (2015-2016 Video) (November 2018).


Those who are looking for the right name for their child are spoiled for choice: there is one virtually infinite selection - in our tool at BabyCenter alone, we have collected 12,000 first names for you.

There are traditional, exotic, historic first names, first names that are typical of a country or names that have a religious background, or even names that are unusual and rare.

BabyCenter parents in Germany are less likely to be interested in exotic names, they prefer classics and fancy names with a long history. This shows our list of the top 100 first names very clearly.

Ben, the short form of Benjamin and Benedict, was again in first place in 2015 and has held the lead unchallenged. After that there was a bit of scramble: in 2015 Paul, Leon and Felix were in places 2 to 4, but in 2016 they were expelled from these places by Leo, Louis and Noah. The biggest leap has been made by Louis, who was not even in the top 100 in 2015.

The likes of Henry and Oskar are also fast pacesetters who have slipped forward by 25 or 24 places and are now in 14th and 16th place.

New to the top 100 are next to Louis, Milo, Levin, Lio, Lias, Jannik, Phil, Lennox, Liam and a colorful mix of classics (Theodor, Johann) also names from other countries such as Alessio (Italy), Malik (Arabic) and Jayden (English).

But see for yourself how young parents decided in Germany in 2016.

You have not found the right baby name yet? Our name database can help you with the search. If you're looking for girl names, you'll find the 100 most popular first names for girls in 2016.

  1. Ben + 0
  2. Leon + 1
  3. Louisneu!
  4. Noah + 1
  5. Paul-3
  6. Jonas + 4
  7. Finn + 12
  8. Elias + 0
  9. Luke 3
  10. Luca + 3
  11. Felix-7
  12. Maximilian 3
  13. Liam + 12
  14. Henry + 25
  15. Emil-4
  16. Oskar + 24
  17. Max 5
  18. Philipp + 8
  19. Julian-5
  20. Jacob +0
  21. Niklas + 3
  22. leo 6
  23. Milan + 37
  24. Moritz-7
  25. Matteo + 25
  26. Theo + 1
  27. Anton-9
  28. Samuel + 4
  29. Tim-14
  30. Alexander-8
  31. Vincent + 6
  32. Raphael-2
  33. Mats-10
  34. Tom + 2
  35. Leonard + 45
  36. David-15
  37. Linus-6
  38. Erik + 20
  39. Karl + 49
  40. Tobias-2
  41. Mika + 3
  42. Fabian-14
  43. Jonah + 9
  44. Jonathan-10
  45. Levi +14
  46. Benjamin-17
  47. Valentin + 15
  48. Nico-7
  49. Jan-14
  50. Aaron-8
  1. Sebastian-4
  2. Till + 21
  3. Lenny + 1
  4. Maxim + 11
  5. Miloneu!
  6. Joshua + 28
  7. Lennard + 0
  8. Simon-25
  9. Luke + 4
  10. Adrian-15
  11. Sam + 14
  12. Ole + 12
  13. Konstantin-17
  14. Hannes-16
  15. Marlon-12
  16. Levinneu!
  17. Florian-16
  18. Alessioneu!
  19. Lioneu!
  20. Liasneu!
  21. Gabriel + 6
  22. Daniel-3
  23. Malikneu!
  24. Emilioneu!
  25. Timo-19
  26. Jaydenneu!
  27. Jannikneu!
  28. Philneu!
  29. Lennoxneu!
  30. John-19
  31. Bruno + 5
  32. Robin-27
  33. Kilian-17
  34. Theodorneu!
  35. Oliver-13
  36. Dominik-15
  37. Lianneu!
  38. Johannneu!
  39. Leopold + 2
  40. Julius-26
  41. Mattisneu!
  42. Jamie-7
  43. Adamneu!
  44. Joelneu!
  45. Pepe-27
  46. Michael-6
  47. Johnneu!
  48. Frederikneu!
  49. Bastian-10
  50. Nick-33

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