Getting Dry for Girls

Know the Right Time for Your Daughter

If your daughter wants to get dry, then the key is to do it that you have the right moment for it. Some children are ready to take off the diaper at the age of 18 months, while others are only four years old. Lucky for you: Girls are generally drier earlier than boys. The second -bzw. Third-born are usually more dry than the first-born.

There is no reason to start practicing too soon. Studies show that children who started exercising too early achieved their goal at the same time as children who started later, but were physically and emotionally mature.

In other words, your daughter will always be dry at the same time, whether you're two years old or half a year later. It will be dry when it is ready in its evolution. The first thing you should do is read our checklist to see if your daughter is ready to take off her diaper.

Once you've decided your daughter's ready, focus on the right timing. Make sure that your daughter's daily routine is constant. If she's just recently gone to kindergarten or got a new sibling, she might be overwhelmed with a change from diaper to potty, or she may just be overwhelmed with all the challenges. Avoid periods in which your daughter is resisting you and wait for a time when she is open to new ideas.

Your daughter learns by watching

Do not be shy and use the toilet in the presence of your daughter. Toddlers are most likely to learn by imitation. To see how you as an adult go to the bathroom, the first step is to use the toilet rather than the diaper. Do not ask her to come to the bathroom, but if she wants to come with her, leave her alone. Maybe she sees that dad is using the toilet standing up. This is the time to explain why men and women can use the toilet differently.

Create the Right Potty Equipment

Many experts advise you to buy a suitable potty. This gives her daughter the feeling of owning something and feels safer than on a normal sized toilet. Some children are afraid that they might fall into the toilet and this fear impedes the process of getting dry. However, if you decide to use the toilet anyway, then you should practice sitting on the edge of the glasses, making sure that the seat does not wobble, that your daughter sits comfortably and can relax.

Get your daughter a stool to climb up and show her how to use it. It is important for her to be able to climb up and down so that she can sit down safely and comfortably at any time and find support for her feet.

In addition, you can offer your daughter picture books or videos about diaper weaning rituals. Maybe it will be easier for her to process the new information better.

Make it Easy and Convenient for Your Daughter

At this early stage of dryness your daughter needs an idea why she should use this thing - the potty. Tell her the potty is special for her. You can write your name on it and decorate it with stickers. Now try to put her fully dressed on her potty.

After sitting for a few minutes, try persuading her to give it a try without a diaper. If she defends herself, then she does not exert any pressure. Such a thing will only end in a test of power and can lead to the failure of all efforts.

If your daughter has a favorite doll or stuffed animal, you can try to include it in your workout by putting it on your potty. Many children enjoy watching their toys and playfully learn what they want from them. Some parents even build their stuffed animal or doll's own toy toilet (also available for purchase). So your child and the toy can sit on the potty at the same time. Read more parenting tips about getting dry.

Cool Underwear Can Make the Potty Attractive

Try to draw your daughter's attention to chic underwear and promise her what to buy when she no longer needs a diaper. Entice her with the offer that she can choose which one alone. Underwear with a popular comic or picture book figure is often the big hit for the little ones. Give your daughter the feeling of being big, like her older siblings, mom and dad, when she uses her potty and wears underwear.

Develop a Potty Training Plan

In order to wean your little one from the diaper, it depends on your daily routine and whether your daughter is cared for by other people. If so, you should agree with these people about the weaning strategy.

They either opted for the ""back and forth"" method, ie a change between diaper and underwear, or for the ""wet method"", where your daughter always wears underwear.

Some experts recommend inserting special diapers as an intermediate step, which are used like underpants. Others swear to wean the children without such special diapers.They recommend that children walk around in underpants right away, so they notice immediately when they have soaked. Of course, this variant means a considerable extra effort for you as a parent in terms of cleaning and washing.

Ultimately, you need to decide which of the two methods is good for your child and for you. If you have any questions or you can not decide and need support, then contact a maternity adviser in your area. The staff will be happy to help. For long trips and overnight you will still need to resort to diapers for a longer period.

Show your daughter relaxed sitting and proper wiping

One of the most important things in drying your daughter's hair is wiping. Be sure to teach her to wipe her butt from the front to the back and not the other way around.

This is especially important if you have not just done your little business. Because so she wipes the intestinal bacteria not in her vagina, thus avoiding a bacterial or fungal infection. If your daughter is still too young to understand that, explain to her that she can wipe herself first when she is old enough.

Bladder infections are rare at this age. However, they occur more frequently in girls during the period of diaper cessation. If your daughter has a lot of pee and nothing comes, if urination is painful and causes pelvic pain in the pelvic area or if she is wet again, even though she was dry, you should consult your pediatrician and get to the root of the cause.

Being Naked Can Help Your Daughter Dry Off

Nothing Can Raise Your Daughter's Interest in Potty or Toilet? Give her some time. Try to make her play naked at home. Place the potty near where it is within easy reach and remind your daughter from time to time to sit on it. Watch for signs (jumping from one leg to the other, putting your hands between your legs and so on).

You can do this on consecutive days or every night and weekend, just as you like. The more time your daughter marched without a diaper, the faster she learns to get along without a diaper.

Reward Achievements

Undoubtedly, some misadventures happen until your daughter is completely weaned off the diaper. In the meantime you have to motivate your daughter again and again. If she has managed to potty something then you should react accordingly and reward her for giving her another incentive.

Reward them with an extra bedtime story or game.

Let her feel that she has reached an important milestone in her development. But do not make a big party out of every trip to the potty, because that can also be unpleasant for the little ones or they always demand it in the future.

Do not give up when the drought lasts

It's like any other activity: the more it's done, the better it's mastered. But you can make things easier for your daughter. Put on her comfortable and uncomplicated things that she can easily take off. If she is overwhelmed with the weaning itself, stay calm and never punish her. Nothing can reduce the success of dehydration faster than the feeling of having failed in a possible wetting. (Learn more about what you can do with such small setbacks.)

It's quite normal that children who have been weaned for a long time get so into the game that they do not even notice when it's time for the restroom is. Please do not be frustrated. Blaming and scolding will only hurt your plans and postpone your success.

Promote Your Daughter

If your daughter begins to lose interest in the potty, you can consider offering her rewards. A popular method is the calendar with stickers, in which the successes are recorded. Every time she puts something in her potty, she may stick a sticker in the calendar. Once it has reached a certain number, you can either reward your daughter with sweets or a long-awaited toy.

So Your Daughter Will Dry During The Night

At some point your daughter will be weaned off the diaper by day and eagerly use the restroom or potty. Now is the time for the next phase. Give her a breather and wait for the right time, where your daughter feels familiar with the windless condition. Check in the morning and after nap, if there is a lot or a little in the diaper.

Most children begin to dry off their afternoon nap. Night training is more difficult, because it depends on physical development, whether it can hold the urine for a certain amount of time and how fast it sleeps. If your daughter really wants to sleep without a diaper at night, just let her try it out. But after a few nights she did not manage to stay dry, put a diaper on her again and comfort her. Give her a break and try again later.

If your daughter's diaper stayed dry for three to five nights, bite your teeth together and try it without a diaper. Support your daughter by giving her little to drink after 5.00 pm (but of course do not let her go to bed thirsty) and put her back on the potty before you go to bed.

Say the diapers ""goodbye""

Now your daughter has reached the point where she can say with a good conscience: diaper goodbye!

She did a lot! Show appreciation, encourage it in your pride and let your daughter give the remaining diapers to a younger child.

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