Milestones: 13 to 18 months

Here is an overview of the key infant development milestones between the ages of 13 and 18 months. But keep in mind: every child is unique in its development and develops the skills at its own pace. Some things may therefore be stated earlier than here, others perhaps later. We can only tell you what happens on average. If you are worried about your child's development, talk to the pediatrician.

13 months old

Learned skill (can do most) Starting ability (can be half) Advanced ability (only a few)
  • Uses two words with correct reference (eg Hello and Ade)
  • Like looking at mirror images
  • Combine words and gestures to express one's desires
  • Lean and pick things up
  • Drink from the cup
  • Try lifting heavy objects
  • Stand Alone
  • Play ""Cuckoo""
  • Roll a Ball Back and forth

14 months old

Learned Skill (Can do most) Starting Skill (can do half) Advanced - Ability (can only few)
  • Eat with your fingers
  • Run well
  • Use Spoon and Fork
  • Empty Vessels
  • Think of Games
  • Put matching lids on pots (eg Pots and pans)
  • Imitates other people
  • points to a body part when asked
  • Pushes and pulls its toy while walking

15 mo nate old

Skilled skill (can do most) Starting ability (can be half) Advanced skill (only a few)
  • Playing with a ball
  • Can paint a line
  • Climb up stairs
  • The vocabulary grows to five words
  • Run safely
  • ""Helps"" in the household
  • Runs backwards
  • Explains ""No"" to the favorite word
  • Lays his finger to his lips and makes "" ssssch ""

16 months old

Learned ability (can do most) Starting ability (can be half) Advanced ability (only a few)
  • Flips book pages around
  • Discover one Preference for Rock Climbing
  • Pulls off a Garment Alone
  • Taunts of Frustration
  • Stack of Three Bricks
  • Picky of Eating
  • Being Curly ""Favorite"" Stuffed Animal or Blanket
  • Learn how to handle with everyday things (eg ... the phone)
  • Goes from two naps a day to one

17 months old

Skills learned Beginning ability (can be half) Advanced ability (only a few)
  • Regularly uses a handful of words
  • Responds to instructions (eg.
  • Dance to Music
  • Like to Play
  • Feed Dolls
  • Sort Toys by Color, Shape or Size
  • Like Toys to Ride
  • Speak more clearly
  • Kick a ball

18 months old

Learned skill (can do most) Starting skill (can do half) Advanced skill (only a few)
  • Can ""read"" his picture books alone
  • pulls words together into phrases
  • Throws a ball with the back of his hand
  • Pedals when he puts it on a tricycle
  • Brushes with the help of teeth
  • Takes Dismantle toy and put it back together
  • Doodles well
  • Build a tower of four blocks
  • Signals that it is ready for drought

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