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Safety checklist and fillup process in Hindi | safety checklist in hindi | safety MGMT STUDY (May 2019).


On average, babies start at eight months old crawl. This means that many children start moving much earlier. As soon as a baby crawls, it will not be long before it can pull itself up on things - chairs, tables and other surfaces are no longer out of reach. This checklist will help you to be prepared for your child's ability to move from A to B in an instant. Because in the time you make yourself just a cup of coffee, your crawling baby 400 m can cover. The following checklist will help you to identify dangers. It is very helpful, however, if you yourself go to all fours and crawl your apartment from this perspective. Maybe you'll notice a thing or two then.

We'll make it easy for you

Print out the handy and handy PDF version of the checklist here.

Below is the checklist for your basic knowledge. However, please also note the following additional checklists:

  • Emergency Checklist: Caution, mortal danger!
  • Keep your home safe
  • Travel safely
  • Kitchen safety
  • Bathroom safety
  • Home security

Prohibited territory

Close knives, fragile things, Heavy pans and other dangerous objects, or keep them out of the reach of your child.

Secure hazardous areas with safety gates, locks and safety locks.

Store keys and latches on a cupboard or in a special drawer for dangerous objects.

Store garbage cans in inaccessible cabinets, or use a child-proof lid.

Cover hot-air fans and radiators, or block access.

Secure your fridge with a locking latch.

Do not use tablecloths and sets, your baby will tear them down, including what's on them.

Distract your baby from forbidden places by leaving a cabinet open and filling it with light, non-baby stuff.


Leave only enough water in the tub to cover your baby's legs (five to seven inches deep).

The water should be warm, not hot. (Do the wrist test, if it feels comfortable it's right for the kid, too, or use a thermometer.) 35 to 37 degrees are just right.

Never leave your child unattended in the bathtub, even for a few minutes. Lay out a non-slip mat in the bathroom.

Things to make your life easier:

A soft bath drain cover

Bathtub tap cover

A baby seat for the bathtub (never leave your child alone!)

Sleep and Sudden Infant Death

Lay your baby on the back to sleep.

Do not let your baby sleep or sleep on pillows, fluffy beds, comforters, or sheepskins.

Do not let your baby sleep on waterbeds or other soft surfaces.


Do not buy clothes with ribbons or cords. As beautiful as they look, your baby could strangle with it.


Avoid exposing your baby to direct sunlight

If your baby is outside, protect him from the sun with a hat, long-sleeved light clothing and sunscreen.


Sturdy toys …

are in good condition and sturdily built.

have no buttons, eyelets, balls, ribbons and other ingredients that your baby could loosen and then suffocate.

are not too heavy. (If a toy could injure your baby when dropped, it's too heavy.)

Do not have longer cords or cords to keep your baby from strangling.

are tailored to the age and stage of development of your baby.

can not wrap around your baby's neck.


Do not leave your baby unattended in or near the water for a moment.

If you have a pond or a swimming pool, build around it a fence at least 1.20 meters high with a lockable door.

Never leave your child unattended in the paddling pool

Never allow even small amounts of water, cleaners or other liquids in buckets or other containers.

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