Biblical Given Names

Names Bible Code: Adam to Jesus (March 2019).


Biblical names were always in fashion and are still popular and widely used in Germany. Some parents want to continue a family tradition, others like the fact that the names are not so unusual and always ""up-to-date"".

But even among the biblical names, there are some very unusual ones that look exotic - which makes the names attractive to parents who are looking for a very special name.

Biblical boy names

Thomas, John, Matthias (Matthew) and Luke are some of the New Testament apostles who never went out of style. Also from the Old Testament there are a few very familiar names like Jonas, Daniel and Elias, who are even in the top ten German boy names of recent years.

Biblical maiden names

Mary is of course the bible girl name that has always been popular and never went out of fashion. But particularly popular in recent years are Old Testament names like Hanna (h), Anna, Lea and Sarah.

Celebrity Trends

In recent years, there has also been a trend among celebrities in the English-speaking world to give their baby a name from the Bible. Actress Gwyneth Paltrow and her husband Chris Martin from Coldplay have named their son Moses, the sons of U2 singer Bono and his wife Alison Hewson are Elijah Bob Patricius and John Abraham. Actress Megan Fox and her husband Brian Austin Green have chosen Noah to name their son.

The Biblical Top Given Names in Germany (2012)

Girl Names

  1. Marie
  2. Maria
  3. Hannah / Hanna
  4. Lea / Leah
  5. Sofia / Sophia
  6. Anna
  7. Marie
  8. Sophie / Sofie
  9. Johanna
  10. Sarah / Sara
  11. Paula
  12. Magdalena
  13. Elisabeth
  14. Eva
  15. Thea
  16. Daniela
  17. Rebekah
  18. Ruth
  19. Daniela
  20. Rachel

Boy Names

  • Ben
  • Luca / Luka
  • Paul
  • Luke / Lucas
  • Jonas
  • Noah
  • Elias
  • Tim
  • Jakob / Jacob
  • David
  • Tom
  • Simon
  • Anton
  • Rafael / Raphael
  • Samuel
  • Hannes
  • Jonathan
  • John
  • Daniel
  • Jonah / Jonah

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