Little Escapes - Keep-Through

all parents know moments - or even days - of them Overwhelmed: Do not hold a sticky hand under the tap! Do not wash dirty pants! Do not sing ""Hoppe Hoppe Reiter"" again! On such days, you probably want a one-way ticket in the far distance (without leaving an address, of course). Let's take a realistic view
Baby - Financial assistance for single parents Baby

Financial assistance for single parents

single parent can be for very different reasons: by the death of the partner, after a divorce , separated or single with child. In 2010, almost every fifth family in Germany (19, 4 percent) was a ""one-parent family"", ie only a child (s) with a father or mother. Single parents have steadily increased in recent years - through separations or because the parents decide from the outset to live alone with their child.
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Baby - Reading Tips: All About Playing Baby

Reading Tips: All About Playing

When the baby gets bored, parents have to come up with something quickly - now game ideas asked, otherwise tears could quickly flow. Benefit from the ideas and experiences of other parents: Here you will find helpful tips on play and employment. Chef ""My son (7 months) thinks the spoon and whisk are great.
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Baby - The advantages and disadvantages of cloth diapers Baby

The advantages and disadvantages of cloth diapers

The Pros and Cons of Cloth Diapers More and more mothers and fathers are getting started Thoughts about environmental protection - eight million disposable diapers are being dumped daily in Germany, and it takes centuries before they are mined! And of course the costs also play a role. It is no longer clear that cloth diapers are more environmentally friendly.
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Baby - Exercises for your pelvic floor after birth Baby

Exercises for your pelvic floor after birth

What is the function of the pelvic floor muscles? The pelvic floor muscles connect two muscle rings between your legs, from the pubic bone to the end of the spine. They help to keep the bladder, uterus and rectum in place and to control the sphincter muscles of the anus, vagina and urethra. If the pelvic floor muscles are weakened or injured - for example
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Baby - Sudden infant death syndrome Baby

Sudden infant death syndrome

What is Sudden Infant Death Syndrome? Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or Crib Death or SIDS (derived from the English word for ""Sudden Infant Death Syndrome""), is not a disease. Rather, it is a diagnosis when a seemingly healthy baby dies under the age of one without warning (Creery and Mikrogianakis 2006).
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Baby - Checklist: holiday list for your baby Baby

Checklist: holiday list for your baby

Babies are often undemanding travel companions who overslept much of the journey or flight. Still, they need amazing equipment and help to keep them comfortable and satisfied. In this checklist we have put together all the things that your baby needs while traveling on vacation, and that you should therefore definitely pack up.
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Baby - Your baby's growth Baby

Your baby's growth

What Affects My Baby's Growth? Your baby's growth rate depends, in part, on his physical condition and metabolism, and partly on his dietary routines, his environment, and his general health. (Piwoz et al 2012) All of these factors can affect its growth: Feeding provides your baby with the calories it needs to grow.
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Baby - Track Your Baby's Growth Baby

Track Your Baby's Growth

You can track your child's growth using the growth charts. The yellow checkbook contains charts for girls and for boys. On the first page, some parents' data is used as a guide, followed by percentile curves for weight, height, and growth rate. The head circumference is also measured regularly. In the yellow issue you will also find
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Baby - Twins - buy everything twice now? Baby

Twins - buy everything twice now?

if you're expecting or just got twins, you're probably wondering what exactly is your question shopping now and in the future. Everything twice or not? Under the keyword ""Gemini"" you will find a lot of accessories and accessories especially for two little ones in online shops. Here you will find a list of online shops especially for twins Many Gemini accessories are very useful
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Baby - maybe you just need a change of scenery or you want to visit the family. Baby

maybe you just need a change of scenery or you want to visit the family.

maybe you just need a change of scenery or you want to visit the family. So, if you have decided to travel with your twins, then think positively: you can do it! Still, some people will tell you that traveling with twins is a nightmare. Do not be confused, stay positive and organized. Then the journey will be as stress free as possible.
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Baby - Dermatitis in babies: causes, symptoms, treatment and medication Baby

Dermatitis in babies: causes, symptoms, treatment and medication

What is Dermatitis? Dermatitis is a generic term for inflammatory (eczematous) skin diseases. It is an itchy, often inflammatory rash. Atopic dermatitis is common in babies but has a good overall prognosis and usually disappears until school age. In case of allergic or familial stress for allergies the rash could persist longer.
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Baby - Bronchiolitis Baby


What is bronchiolitis? Bronchiolitis is an inflammation of the small and the smallest branches of the bronchi, the so-called bronchioles. This inflammation causes swelling of the bronchioles and the exchange of breathing air is made more difficult. Bronchiolitis is mostly caused by viruses. About every third baby undergoes this infection in his first year of life (NHS 2010
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Baby - The newborn baby Baby

The newborn baby

Facial and Nappy Area Wash In the first week you may find it easier, just the face and nappy area of ​​your Baby wash. Use a clean and warm sponge or washcloth, maintain a warm room temperature, and lay your child on a warm, clean towel to dry. Wash his hands and face regularly and thoroughly. And after every diaper change
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Baby - Vitamin K Baby

Vitamin K

What is vitamin K and why is it given after birth? Vitamin K plays an important role in blood clotting. A very small number of newborns (one in 10,000) suffers from a strong tendency to bleed due to vitamin K deficiency. This disease is called international VKDB (for ""vitamin K deficiency bleeding"").
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Baby - Baby tooth care Baby

Baby tooth care

When should I start brushing my baby? Brush twice a day as soon as your baby's first tooth is announced (PHE 2014). So your child can slowly get used to the importance of dental hygiene. Most often, the first tooth in babies is the lower front tooth, which pushes through around the sixth month of life.
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Baby - Screening for children in Switzerland Baby

Screening for children in Switzerland

this article informs you about preventive check-ups for children in switzerland . Here you can find the check-ups for babies in Germany and the U-examinations in Austria. The Swiss Society of Paediatrics recommends twelve preventive examinations for your child. This starts with the first examination right after birth and goes on until puberty.
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Baby - Circumcision of children Baby

Circumcision of children

Circumcision - what is it exactly? Circumcision is generally understood to mean the circular removal of both foreskin sheets of the penis. The surgical removal can be done, for example, with the Gomco clamp or with the plastic-bell method. If it is an intervention from a medical point of view, it is usually not circumcision but circumcision.
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Baby - Schreibaby: Alternative Remedies for Your Baby Baby

Schreibaby: Alternative Remedies for Your Baby

Why babies cry for hours All babies cry or scream. Even very healthy infants do it - often two to three hours a day. They have to. After all, they depend on someone feeding them, keeping them warm and cared for. In addition, digestion in babies often does not work well and may be accompanied by bloating and abdominal pain.
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Baby - Milestones: Running Baby

Milestones: Running

One of the most important milestones in your child's life is learning to walk! This is literally a big step towards independence. First, your child is still leaning against the sofa and carefully tries first small tapers in your open arms. Later on, she runs, hops and jumps perfectly, leaving her time as a baby behind her.
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Baby - Milestones: socialization Baby

Milestones: socialization

how does your baby learn something his relationships with other people? When does it start to make friends? It all starts with you! As a mother and father, you are the first playmate of your child. They become his best friends. Your baby will squeal with joy when it hears your voice, sees your face and feels your touch.
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