Astrologer Pauline Moran explains the baby's personality after the star sign under which it was born. Simply click on the zodiac sign above, which matches your child's date of birth or planned delivery date, and find out more about your little angel.

WIDDER (March 21 to April 20)

This child encounters life with a lot of energy and speed, it is very impulsive and daring. Movement is everything - it plunges headlong into everything, sometimes even literally. As a toddler, it will inevitably get many bruises and bumps. Passionate and dedicated, he will take on the role of the dominant and determining among his sandbox friends and expect the others to follow his orders.

Main Features: Passionate, powerful, outgoing, aggressive, energetic, brave, selfish - it has courage, a strong will and power.

Parental Influence: Parents can make it easier for your ram baby to make the idea of ​​a compromise palatable.

BULL (April 21 to May 21)

This is a down-to-earth, sensitive child who loves everything you can possess, touch and try. That's why it's so clever with his hands - it likes to make things that you can see and admire. Often it is content to leave everything as it is, it appreciates the safety of the routine. It will be loving and generous.

Main Features: Passive, cooperative, creative, harmonious, welcoming, temperamental, patient, persistent, sociable and loving the routine.

Parental Influence: Parents can teach their bull-baby that sometimes it's good to do things differently than usual.

TWINING (22 May to 21 June)

This child belongs to the native speakers. Diversity is the spice in the life of a twin. Like a butterfly, the next occupation finds it always more exciting than the previous one. It can be an annoying chatterbox, with almost inexhaustible energies and fast movements. His interest is not easy to tie up, so it gets boring easily.

Main Features: Fast, eloquent, clever, wise, skilled, intelligent, understands contexts quickly, expressively, communicates and adapts.

Parental Influence: The perseverance of a twin baby can be encouraged by making sure one thing is completed before it starts on the next.

CANCER (June 22 to July 23)

This is a very soulful child who learns through his emotional memory, and who teaches a lot.It learns to its teacher and things depending on his feelings. It feels very close to others, but it needs the safety of the family and routine, otherwise, with any uncertainty, it will quickly retreat to its shell. It is generous and always helpful.

Main Features: Protective, caring, soulful, friendly, thoughtful, expressive, compassionate and a habitual human.

Parental Influence: Always offer reinsurance to give your cancer baby confidence.

LION (24th of July to 23rd of August)

This child is not afraid to be himself and likes to show others what it can do. His obvious vitality makes him the eternal entertainer who is always on the search for the spotlight. Energetic and generous, with a great need for affirmation, the world waits for its creative ideas. The lion is a loyal friend and a winner - whatever he tackles, he does with all his heart.

Main Features: Serious, dramatic, romantic, generous, brave, generous and enthusiastic.

Parental Influence: Being taught to acknowledge the strengths of others also makes the Lion Baby a positive force in life.

VIRGIN (24 August to 23 September)

This is a demanding kid - his eye for detail is incredible, but it needs to learn what's important. It loves cleanliness and cleanliness. His keen judgment makes him a picky eater. It would like everyone - rejections therefore hurt it deeply. It is curious and interested in many things, always ready to indulge in the learning process.

Main Features: Analytical, clever, efficient, critical, sophisticated, accurate, methodical, prudent and careful.

Parental Influence: The self-confidence of a virgin baby grows to the extent that it is praised.

BALANCE (24th September to 23rd October)

This child loves beauty and comfort. Often it is the peacemaker and mediator, disagreements and mischief can not endure. Sometimes it tries to please everyone and does not seem to be able to decide. It's fair, honest and never gives rise to avoidable arguments, but it can be very headstrong. It loves security and the company of other people, it is a loyal friend and a winning guy.

Main Features: Aesthetic, with a sense of style, loving, cooperative, in harmony, just, sociable and appreciates equality.

Parental Influence: Just because there is no requirement, one should not believe that you can do what you want with a Libra baby.

SCORPION (24 October to 22 November)

The child's feelings are deep and often remain hidden. His emotional memory alone is determinative - anything that is emotionally interested will learn and never forget his life.It is mysterious and a thinker. It is an all-or-nothing child, it does not have half things - a valuable feature for kindergarten and school. It could meet unknown persons with great caution, but once made friendships are permanent with him and that's what others expect.

Main Features: Profound, skilful, affectionate, loyal, sentimental, mysterious, passionate and analytical.

Parental Influence: Never try to scrape a scorpion baby with half-truths - it will always remember the difference.

SHOOT (November 23 to December 21)

This kid is a rambunctious bundle of energy. It always comes straight to the point, but does not stay long enough to savor its benefits. It is friendly and optimistic, maybe it expects a bit much from the world. Generous to friends, share it with everyone without ulterior motive. It is brave and explores the world with all your senses. A penchant for overeating can be balanced with love for the sport.

Main Features: Optimistic, full of expectation, generous, kind, pliant, just, freedom-loving, philosophical, playful and energetic.

Parental influence: Caring parents can teach their Sagittarius baby to concentrate and stay on the ball.

CAPRICORN (22 December to 20 January)

Capricorn is a very serious child - an old head on young shoulders. Persistently, it works tirelessly on its goals. It is ambitious and spares no effort. It thinks in a structured way, thanks to its imagination and its optimism, it can achieve a lot later in school. It wants to be cheered and loved for its successes.

Main Features: Tidy, dedicated, persistent, caring, formal, traditional, determined, responsible, serious and careful.

Parental Influence: Sometimes a child's behavior mirrors that of its parents - be careful what you say in the presence of your Capricorn child.

WATER MAN (January 21 to February 19)

This kid will always be absolutely unique. He is a born inventor and will never dance to the tune of another. With a rigidly fixed learning scheme, it can get along better, it learns quickly and absorbs new information with great curiosity. Often it learns faster than its playmates and that can lead to frustrations. It wants to be seen and praised for all the things it can alone . His freedom and independence values ​​him as the highest good.

Main Features: Individual, original, eccentric, extreme, defiant, disrespectful, keen to experiment, narrative, belligerent, inventive, independent.

Parental Influence: It's best to keep your Aquarius baby busy and so on the hook.

FISH (February 20 to March 20)

This child cares for others and volunteers to serve them. It is polite, loving and compassionate. His overflowing imagination can spur it on to great artistic achievements. It is a storyteller, daydreamer and visionary. Music and painting may satisfy his artistic tastes, but his romantic vein can sometimes tolerate a little more grounding.

Main Features: Imaginative, loving, caring, self-sacrificing, dreamy, magical, mystical, sensitive, intuitive, expressive, very compassionate.

Parental Influence: Help your fish-baby concentrate on his ideas, and it can do a great deal on behalf of others.


Learn more about your child's zodiac properties, as well as your relationship and parenting characteristics in our BabyCenter chart.

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