Aromatherapy in Pregnancy

What is aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is an alternative cure in the field of complementary medicine. Highly concentrated substances from plants are used, so-called essential oils. Not only do they have a pleasant smell, they also have a therapeutic effect, but should only be used drop by drop.

During pregnancy, essential oils can relax you and relieve little ""nipples"" and discomfort. You can apply the oils as follows:

  • By massage. You should always use essential oils sparingly and dilute with a neutral oil such as sunflower, grapeseed or almond oil - 1-2 drops of aromatic oil with a teaspoon of neutral oil. So the oil can be absorbed through your skin into the bloodstream.
  • By inhalation. 4 drops of the essential oil mixed with a tsp of neutral oil or whole milk are sufficient for a full bath as a bath additive. Two drops are sufficient as an additive in a fragrance lamp or a vaporizer (evaporator). The traces of the oil you breathe get into the blood through the lungs.

The molecules of the essential oils are very small, so they are absorbed quickly by the body. Resulting waste products are excreted by sweating, the kidneys, the urine or the lungs during exhalation.

How Does Aromatherapy Help Me? Even a massage alone can be relaxing (Field et al 2005). Massaging your feet, shoulders or gently your stomach with a smelling oil during pregnancy can work wonders. But not every woman can tolerate essential oils when she is pregnant. Your skin can also be so sensitive that touch is uncomfortable and you can not relax.

If this is the case, then you can use the oils as a bath additive, foot bath or compress. A compress is quick: Drop a little bit of essential oil on a damp-warm towel, which you then lay on the forehead, the stomach or in the back to relax (Expectancy).

The ingredients of some oils increase general well-being. Essential oils such as lavender, chamomile, or ylang ylang can:

help you sleep (Lee and Lee 2006)

  • make you forget your worries (Bastard and Tiran 2009, Field et al 2005, Lemon 2004, Hwang 2006)
  • Lowering Blood Pressure (Hwang 2006)
  • But there are not only soothing oils, but also refreshing ones. If you feel drained, try bergamot, grapefruit or tangerine.
Other oils relieve specific pregnancy symptoms such as:

General Pain and Ache - Try Black Pepper

  • Nausea - Try Peppermint or Spearmint
  • Headache - Try it with Lavender
  • Swollen Joints and Hemorrhoids - Taste Cypress
  • Constipation - Choose Mandarin or Other Citrus Oils
  • Stuffy Nose - Taste Eucalyptus
  • Insomnia - Real Chamomile or Ylang Ylang Can Help
  • Tiredness Try Mandarin (Tiran 2004 , Expectancy)
  • All essential oils have an antibacterial effect. Some, like tea tree oil, are also effective against viruses. Tea tree oil can also prevent or reduce colds (Tiran 2004).
Can I use aromatherapy during childbirth?

Yes, aroma oils can help you master each birth stage and relieve the pain.

You can treat yourself to aromatherapy massage in the weeks leading up to your birth. A small study has shown that regular massages reduce birth pain (McNabb et al 2006).

As soon as labor begins, small amounts of black pepper or frankincense often work well. Do not use aromatic oils in the bathtub or birth pool if your amniotic sac has already burst (Expectancy).

Are there any risks I should know?

Aroma oils should always be used wisely and in small doses, especially in the first trimester. Be sure to tell your doctor and midwife if you use aroma oils.

Certain oils are not suitable for pregnant women (Lis-Balchin ). Some, who would never be used by experienced Aramotherapeuten / inside during pregnancy, are suspected of triggering a miscarriage.

Most concerns about the use of aromatic oils in pregnancy are of historical origin. The aromatic oil Poleiminze was drunk in the 19th century by women who deliberately wanted to stop the pregnancy. Pennyroyal has a poisonous effect on the organs when it is applied internally.

Stories like these have made aromatherapists very cautious. Some, therefore, do not treat women at all during the first three months of pregnancy - at the time when the risk of miscarriage is highest. Others assert that aromatherapy is completely harmless nowadays if used properly. Definitely, aromatherapy in advanced pregnancy is not only harmless but may be of great help to you.

For these symptoms, you should not use any aromatherapy or ask your midwife beforehand:

High or low blood pressure

  • Diabetes
  • Thyroid or kidney problems
  • Asthma
  • Hay fever
  • Can aromatherapy be used Start contractions when I'm overdue?

Midwives are generally of the opinion that your body should decide for itself when it's time for labor to start.But there are some aroma oils, such as clary sage, that promote buoyancy.

Clary sage and other vaporizing aroma oils should be used with great caution. If you can not stand it any longer, because your baby lasts far beyond the deadline, then talk to your midwife first about the use of labor. You may also consult an aromatherapist, but he or she should have additional training in the treatment of pregnant women.

Essential Oils That Can Help Blow:

Mandarin or Grapefruit

  • Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, or Lavender
  • Frankincense
  • Add 2 drops of aromatic oil to a teaspoon of neutral oil in the bath or as an addition to the massage oil.

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